The company has been creating landmarks for over 6 years and has developed and constructed over 5 projects including residential complexes, commercial complexes and covering a saleable area of 15 LAC square feet across LUCKNOW.The Company is developing more than 50 LAC sq.ft. of residential and commercial properties in Lucknow. The qualities that set the group apart amongst its contemporaries are its privileged view point and daunting passion. Every endeavor and effort clearly emphasises the credibility and integrity of the company. The company is well known for its commitment to quality and transparency in its projects.

Since its inception, Anam's vision has been to seek out and provide the best possible real estate development solutions to our valued customers, clients and stakeholders.Our passion is to develop and position. ANAM LIFE INFRA HEIGHTS as a lifestyle brand, a community with a soul of its own.

The Anam Life Infra Heights is a brand name in the Lucknow Real Estate. The Anam Life Infra Heights of the following operating companies namely-Anam Life Infra Heights Pvt. Ltd. Our organization would first like to become a better member of the society before becoming the World's best company.

We should be careful in looking at the welfare of every worker and laborer for it is they who construct our houses brick by brick. We should also not forget about our planet, that has permitted us to live on it. Thus, our buildings should be environment friendly causing least burden on the natural resources.

ADDRESS: YMCA Building, 4th Floor, 13 Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow.

CORP. OFFICE: 4/46,Vijyant Khand, Near-Kathauta Chauraha, Gomti-Nagar,Lucknow

PHONE: +91 9651336666

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